How to buy a home without a realtor

Our playbook on how to go at it alone and save your commission

Getting to the Bottom of your Budget

These resources will walk you through the process of mortgage budgeting, from identifying your lifestyle budget to understanding what loan officers are looking for in your finances — giving you a deeper understanding of your loan eligibility

The Home Search

Finding homes is easy, evaluating the home and the neighborhood is a little more tricky. Below are a collection of internet resources you can use to your advantage to get a clear vision of all the important aspects of your future home: neighborhood data, crime statistics, home value statistics, transit availability, access to amenities, local school information and more.

Property Showings

Since you’ll be going to open houses without an agent, there’s a ton of things to look out for. This will give you a general view into the mindset and strategy you should keep in mind while touring.

Contract and Negotiations

One of the biggest advantages in hiring a realtor to help you buy a home is the experience they bring to the table in terms of navigating through the negotiation and contract phase of the purchase. It’s critical to note that the only way to save commission is to work through a licensed real-estate agent, who are the only ones eligible to receive commissions.

Escrow and Title

In lieu of a real-estate agent, you can hire a title company or real-estate attorney to act as your escrow agent — usually a title/escrow agent is recommended by your lender. Below are some resources on your options for this final stage of the home purchase, as well as explainers on everything that goes on.

Contingency and Inspections

During escrow, inspections will occur and contingencies will be evaluated. You’ll very likely want to include contingencies in your contract. These allow you to back out of the deal with your deposit intact in case negotiations go sour or unexpected hiccups occur.